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Chris Mata is an award winning writer and comedian living in Los Angeles, CA. His writing has been recognized by Screen Craft, the Los Angeles Neo Noir Festival, and Cannes. His stand up has been showcased at many festivals across the country and on Comedy Central.

He started Born Listo Productions in 2021 where he created A News Show, a funny news program in the spirit of The Daily Show, Weekend Update and Last Week Tonight.

He’s appeared on multiple stand-up comedy shows, has written and directed shorts for Comedy Central, and was a contributing writer for The HuffingtonPost’s comedy site (no longer a thing). He’s also performed internationally for the US soldiers in South Korea, Japan and the Netherlands.

Originally from San Antonio, TX, Chris now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He is the father of two boys and spends his time writing and performing stand-up around the country and at local comedy clubs in Los Angeles.

The San Antonio Current called Chris “funny – like wicked funny” and described his jokes as “sharp and well crafted.”

Chris has three comedy albums released by BSeenMedia. Parental Guidance (2014)  El Padrino (2017) & Angry and Racist (2018).