I love writing but there’s a difference between writing for yourself and writing with the intention of sharing it with the world. It’s safe and comforting knowing that you have written a masterpiece that no one will ever read BUT what if they did read it and it turns out that you suck! Mistakes will be made and people will be quick to point them out. I had to put those thoughts aside and really believe that could do it.

I wrote this script because I wanted to get a literary agent and, in order to do that, I needed a speculation script as part of my writing packet. Wisegeek.com defines a spec script as “A spec script, or script written and submitted on speculation, is an original, unpublished script intended to showcase the talents of a new writer.”

My first attempt at writing a script for a show was the office. It took me years (probably three) to get it just right. I can crank out a script in three days now but that’s only through tons of practice.

Writing this script was by far one of the most fun, grueling, and satisfying writing exercises I have ever undertaken. I had to watch every episode to make sure I knew the characters and didn’t repeat any story lines. I even watched the UK version to see the genesis of the entire idea for the office.

I’m happy to share it with you now. I’m not going to correct any mistakes or try to make it perfect. This was the best I could do about ten years ago.


Click here to read the PDF version of the office spec script.
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